Seattle Criminal Defense Attorney

As an experienced defense attorney, I understand the importance and seriousness of being charged with a criminal offense. I have handled all aspects of criminal cases, from the investigation phase, to the point of actually being charged with an offense and having to appear in court to face one charge or multiple charges, from the point of an intake hearing or arraignment, through pre-trial hearings, all the way through trial, as well as post-trial hearings, including sentencings and post-sentencing hearings, such as probation hearings and restitution hearings.

I have tried in excess of seventy five criminal cases before a jury and have negotiated countless plea bargains for clients, achieving excellent results in many criminal cases, whether by trial or by negotiation. When it comes to defending your rights, to defending you on a criminal charge, I view each and every charge as important, whether it is a misdemeanor or felony. All criminal charges have the capacity to cause damage to an individual — not just with the criminal penalties, which often include incarceration, fines, penalties, probation, court-ordered evaluation and treatment programs, and other restrictions on your life, but with collateral consequences as well.

Criminal convictions carry with them the potential for a host of collateral consequences.  Depending on the type of criminal conviction involved, you, your family member, or friend could suffer serious collateral consequences, including, but not limited to the loss of one’s driver’s license, the right to possess a firearm, the right to travel outside of the United States, to Canada, for example, the right to vote, as well as the potential loss of being bonded or insured, if one is self-employed and/or running a small business, not to mention the right to apply for Federal Student Loans if one is a student seeking educational aid.  As a result, we take each and every criminal charge seriously and endeavor to obtain the very best result for each client we represent.