Seattle Personal Injury Attorney

As an experienced plaintiff personal injury attorney, I have learned what it means to be injured, to face time off of work from your injuries, to possibly lose a job or position as a result of injuries, to lose time with your spouse, companion, children, or family members, to be unable to do the kinds of leisure and fun activities that you used to do. As a result, we seek to obtain the best possible award, settlement, jury verdict, or recovery for you because so much can be riding on your case.

I understand that it is not easy to obtain a measure of civil justice from the negligence caused by an individual, a corporation, an insurance company, and/or a municipal entity who has hurt you, who, by their negligence, has left you injured with various damages.  At my law firm, we endeavor to have those persons, those corporations, those insurance companies, those municipal entities held accountable, so that you can receive a proper measure of compensation for your injuries under the laws of our civil justice system.

Whether you, your loved one, your child, or good friend have been injured in an auto collision as a driver, or as a passenger, or been hit as a pedestrian while crossing the street, slipped and fallen on a dangerous floor of a department store or grocery store, slipped and fallen on some snow or ice on the walkway of a business, tripped on a large, uneven crack in a municipal sidewalk, suffered an injury while on the premises of a business, a private home, or an apartment building, suffered a violation of your constitutional rights at the hands of a city or county police officer, suffered sexual harassment at work or at school, suffered discrimination in  your job or, possibly, in a place open to the public, suffered terrible child sexual abuse from a teacher, coach, priest, youth pastor, or other person in a position of authority, suffered a serious injury at school, in a school sports program, at a youth sports program, at a recreation facility, or at some other facility for youth programs, been badly bitten by someone’s dog, been falsely arrested by a store security officer for shoplifting, or some other matter where you have been injured by the negligence of others, we stand ready to fight for you, for your right to receive just compensation for your injuries, for your dignity, for your self-respect, and for your desire to see justice done.

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